Some of our mics

These are some of the microphones we use. As you can see, in our studio we have a very wide selection of high-end microphones from brands such as Neumann, AKG, Shure, MBHO, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Oktava etc. We also have the legendary tube microphone Neumann Gefell CMV 563 with the complete set of capsules at our disposal. From these microphones, we always care to select the ones that are most suitable and sound best for the purpose. For perfect quality and resolution, we feed the mic signal to our TL Audio Blue and Ivory series, Joemeek and dbx preamps. You can choose between warm, soft tube sound or highest quality solid-state circuitry. We record using high-end digital technology based on the world standard - ProTools and Cubase. Yamaha digital mixing consoles provide 40 channels for recording and mixing. For better editing and processing, you can choose from various Plugin and Hardware effects and processors such as Lexicon, TC Electronic, TL Audio, SPL, dbx and others. The final mastering is monitored via our Genelec, KRK a Yamaha monitors controlled by the KRK Ergo correction system.

Vintage microphones

Vintage microphones

We have a special selection of vintage microphones, with which we can fulfill requests of our clients who wish to achieve an original vintage sound in their recordings. This selection includes piecies as AKG/Telefunken D19 B, which, for example, The Beatles used to record their first pieces at Abbey Road with, AKG D190, Beyer X1 HML Soundstar 1, Sennheiser MD21, Sennheiser MD421, Revox 3500 and many others…

Mobile recording

With our new mobile recording rig, we are able to record practically anywhere without jeopardizing sound quality in any way. This way, you can exploit the quality accoustics of concert halls, churches and various other premises while maintaing the idea of studio recording. Recordings are then processed and finalised in our studio using the technology described above.

TLAudio & Joemeek Preamps and compressors TLAudio VP1 mono channel Neumann U87 The interior Genelec a Yamaha monitors M-audio Firepro 2626 in our mobile rig


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